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Brutus On Parade : Fundraising for Renovation of the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library : the Ohio State University

Brutus on Parade

Brutus On Parade has come to an end

Brutus On Parade was an amazing and exciting program developed by The Ohio State University to assist in raising funds for the renovation of The William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library.

The Parade was designed to draw thousands of visitors who had a substantial economic impact on Greater Columbus. The benefits for local businesses, sponsors, & designers were innumerable. All while profoundly contributing to the renovation of a historic Columbus and campus landmark.

Brutus Buckeye was the canvas to highlight local designers and businesses. Thank you for being part of Brutus On Parade!

How big are the Brutus sculptures?

Each Brutus starts off as a 6'2", 150lb fiberglass statue although many have been altered to stand taller and weigh more. They also have a 2000 lbs. concrete base to keep them stable.

What happens now that the parade is over?

Some sponsors have already purchased their Brutus and were able to do what they wish with it. All other Brutus' were sold at a live auction sponsored by the organizing consortium. The proceeds went to support the renovation of the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library.

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